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Sidekick Ai offers users the ability to create custom scheduling pages to share with guests for quick scheduling.

You can create personal pages and team pages. 

Customize your scheduling pages

Easily set up each page with custom availability, meeting type permissions and unique preferences. You have complete control how users schedule with you.


How to setup and use pages

Setup Team Pages for easy group scheduling

You can build team pages by inviting people to sync their calendars with Sidekick. This is great for group scheduling when a person wants to meet your team(s).


How to use team pages

Video Tutorial

Add your favorite tools to Scheduling Pages

Connect some of your favorite tools like Zoom, Google Calendar, Outlook, and more to your scheduling pages.


See current Integrations

Stay productive, let Sidekick do the work

Sidekick will do the tedious things while keeping you organized.


Sidekick will send reminders prior to the meeting.


Sidekick creates a calendar event for you automatically.


Sidekick also sends out meeting invites to everyone.