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Visitor Account

*Your first 30 days will include all the benefits of Premium for free, after 30 days, you can subscribe to Premium or continue to enjoy the following features free for life:
Top features:

Sync your calendar so that Sidekick can avoid double booking


Confirm or decline meeting invites


Set your availability and Sidekick will work inside of your parameters


Use your personalized calendar to view and make changes to meetings

Premium Account

Subscribe to Sidekick and pay monthly or save $24 with an annual subscription (option coming soon). In addition to the visitor account features, Premium Accounts unlock the following:
Top features:

Sync your google or outlook contacts and organize them into groups


Receive a unique scheduling link to send to anyone to book with you


Save preferred locations to use when scheduling meetings


Easily schedule meetings by chatting with Sidekick


Forward meeting requests to Sidekick via email and it will book for you


Set preferred contacts to auto schedule for faster booking

Enterprise Solution

Are you looking for a solution for your entire team? Sidekick Ai offers an Enterprise Solution with your company’s branding and security preferences in mind. Give us a little more information about your business and we will follow up with some options for you.
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Enjoy 30 free days of Premium, no credit card required. After your trial, you can opt into a Premium subscription or continue to enjoy the benefits of a Visitor account free for life.

Sidekick Account FAQs

Do I have to wait until the end of my trial to start my subscription?

Absolutely not, you can start a paid subscription anytime after sign up, either log in and click the green bar at the top of the page, or add payments inside of settings by clicking on your avatar.

If I cancel my account, will my information be saved if I opt to rejoin?

If you cancel your subscription, you can always subscribe again using the billing setup process. If you delete your account, all of your account is removed and if you want to re-join, you’ll need to start from scratch.

Can I still use Sidekick if I am not a Gmail or Outlook user?

Currently, Sidekick only supports Gmail and Outlook, but we’re constantly growing and improving. Check back soon or contact us to tell us what email client you’d like to see made available on Sidekick.

What happens when my free trial ends?

At the end of your free trial, you will lose access to premium features, scroll to the top of the page to browse the Visitor Account features that will remain free for life.

If I cancel, can I continue to use my account for the remainder of the current billing cycle?

Of course! When you cancel your subscription, all Premium features will continue to work until your next bill would’ve been due. We’ll also continue to provide you with a Visitor account free of charge.

How is Sidekick Ai different from anyone else?

Sidekick Ai is the first scheduling tool to actually process language. We have multiple ways you can schedule a meeting with Sidekick. One way is Forward to Schedule. This method allows a user to simply forward an email to Sidekick and Sidekick will read over that email and decide if that time works best for you or find a better time for you. Currently no scheduling tool offers machine learning language processing like this.