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Hero Plan


This plan is perfect for heros who need just a little help from a Sidekick with scheduling.

Top features:

1 Connected Source


3 Scheduling Pages


Google, Outlook & Microsoft 365


Unlimited Scheduled Meetings


Google Meet, Zoom, Skype & Teams


Unlimited Groups & Contacts

Superhero Plan


A perfect fit for the Superheros who need full time scheduling help from a Sidekick.

Top features:


Everything in Free Plan


Unlimited Sources & Calendars


Remove Sidekick Branding


Forward to Schedule Ai scheduling


Meeting Stats


Unlimited Scheduling Pages


Team Pages for team scheduling

Enterprise Solution

Are you looking for a solution for your entire team? Sidekick Ai offers an Enterprise Solution with your company’s branding and security preferences in mind. Give us a little more information about your business and we will follow up with some options for you.

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Use Sidekick for free, forever.

Enjoy our free forever plan. You can begin booking meetings in minutes. If you need more help with scheduling, you can always upgrade accounts later to our Superhero plan.

Sidekick Account FAQs

How is Sidekick Ai different from anyone else?

Sidekick Ai differs in one main way, we are the leader in Ai scheduling at the moment. Our biggest competitor was (but they are closing October 31st, 2021). You can read here how we are replacing them. 

We do have similar features to Calendly like Scheduling Pages, however our focus is our Forward to Schedule AI schduling software feature.

We also offer users multiple ways to schedule meetings, unlike other tools. Here is our product tour.


Sidekick was also built out of true need. Here is our story of why we started.


How can I upgrade my account to Superhero Plan?

Simply just go to your account settings in your dashboard, click billing and upgrade your account 🙂

If I cancel my account, will my information be saved if I opt to rejoin?

If you cancel your subscription, you can always subscribe again using the billing setup process. If you delete your account, all of your account is removed and if you want to re-join, you’ll need to start from scratch.

Can I still use Sidekick if I am not a Gmail or Outlook user?

Yes you can still use Sidekick Ai if you are using another email provider. We currently integrate with Gmail, Outlook and Thunderbird. We are always looking to integrate with more services. To get the most updated list of integrations, go here

If I cancel, can I continue to use my account for the remainder of the current billing cycle?

Of course! When you cancel your subscription, all Premium features will continue to work until your next bill would’ve been due. We’ll also continue to provide you with a Visitor account free of charge.

How are you different from Calendly?

We consider ourselves between Calendly and a personal assistant. 


We do have a feature similar to Calendly called Scheduling Pages, but this was built because our users really wanted everything Sidekick offered + a simplier scheduling feature. 


We also offer multiple ways for users to schedule a meeting. One main way we are differnt is how we started our software with our Fordward to Schedule feature. Basically you send an email to Sidekick, it reads it and books a meeting. (A lot happens in between). 


Team Pricing, can you explain?

Only users on a Superhero plan can build Team Pages. They can also invite as many team members as they wish. These team members can join a Team Page for free simply by syncing their calender (which makes a free account). 


Only the Team Page creator can make changes, invited team members cannot. 


To summerize, only people who want to build and use Team Pages have to pay. Others just joining a page do not have to pay. 

So, if you have a team of 5 and want to build a Team Page for scheduling, you only need 1 Superhero plan 🙂


Here is a complete overview how Team Pages works.