Sidekick Makes Booking Easy

Sidekick Connects Your Email And Calendars

Getting Started

Getting started with Sidekick is as simple as connecting your email, contacts, availability, and setting optional preferences. Anytime you need to take action, Sidekick will send you a notification.
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Sync Your Email, Contacts, and Calendar

Sync as many emails and calendars as you wish, this will allow Sidekick to schedule around your calendar, import your contacts, and complete scheduling via email forwarding.
Sync Your Email, Contacts, and Calendar
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4 Unique Ways to Schedule

Forward email meeting requests directly to Sidekick, send contacts to Sidekick with your unique link, chat Sidekick to request a meeting, and even turn on Auto Scheduling. Get the full breakdown
Forwarding Emails to Sidekick
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Action Items

The best thing about Sidekick Ai is that it takes scheduling work off of your plate. Just like a personal assistant, there will be times when Sidekick needs to check in with you to get approval or ask a question. In these occasions, Sidekick will send you a notification with easy pre-populated responses.
Action Items
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Set Your Availability

Be as specific with your availability as you wish and come back to make changes anytime. Sidekick will gather your general availability during onboarding, then you will have to option to fine-tune as needed.
Set Your Availability
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Add Your Favorite Locations

Adding Locations is completely optional and only takes seconds to complete. By adding your favorite meeting locations. Sidekick knows where to book without having to ask you with each new meeting.
Add Your Favorite Locations
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Manage Contacts and Groups

Your email contacts will sync during inital setup. New contacts can be added anytime and you can also create custom groups to speed up scheduling. Contacts can be blocked or set to autoschedule to avoid extra action items from Sidekick.
Set Contact and Group Preferences
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Checkin On Scheduling Status

The meetings view allows you to filter by meeting status, quickly access meeting details and make changes.
Checkin On Scheduling Status

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